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Prey for a Hunter
"Prey For The Hunter" aired on The WB on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Here's how the network described the episode:

"Helena and Detective Reese clash again when they both try to track down a serial killer who destroys metahumans by taking on their powers. Meanwhile, Dinah ditches school when she learns from Helena there is a metahuman-only bar, and Barbara meets Wade's (guest star Shawn Christian) parents who think she is not normal enough for their son."

Chris Long directed the episode, with story by Adam Armus and Kay Foster and teleplay by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Another description states the following:

"Helena and Reese get in the way of each others investigations, which turn out to be the same one. Reese is looking for a killer, Huntress is searching for a meta-human with the ability to steal the abilities of other metas. Meanwhile, Dinah decides to do some exploring of her meta-human side when she learns of a place known as ‘No Mans Land’ – a bar which is exclusive to meta-humans."