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Primal Scream
The Wednesday, Nov. 13 episode of Birds of Prey was "Primal Scream."

Here's how the network described the episode:

"At the request of Det. Reese, Helena goes undercover to help bring down a gang of thieves terrorizing New Gotham and quickly discovers that the gang is part of a larger infrastructure. Helena goes after the big boss until her cover is blown, putting her in grave danger. Meanwhile, Barbara has to deal with her fear of intimacy when her relationship with Wade (guest star Shawn Christian) takes a serious turn."

The WB announced credits for "Primal Scream," which aired on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Jim Charleston directed the episode, which was written by Edward Kittis and Adam Horowitz with a story by Adam Armus and Kay Foster.

Another description states the following:

"In order to help Detective Reese in a case, Helena goes undercover, infiltrating a small gang terrorising New Gotham. However, Helena soon discovers that the gang is actually receiving orders from someone seeking to conceal their identity – Harley Quinn. Meanwhile, Dinah is forced to come to terms with the death of her mother as Barbara and Wayde’s relationship turns serious."