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The Wednesday, Nov. 20 episode of Birds of Prey was "Split."

"Already frustrated with her difficult relationship with Reese, Helena is intrigued when she meets Darkstrike (guest star Kristoffer Polaha), a metahuman who has come to New Gotham on the trail of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Barbara and Dinah discover that Darkstrike has a dangerous alter ego."

James Marshall directed the episode written by Armus and Foster with story by Kittis and Horowitz.

Another description states the following:

"A meta-human crime fighter named Darkstrike comes to New Gotham on the trail of a dangerous serial killer known as The Crawler. Before he can catch him however, The Crawler is recruited by Harley Quinn as part of her ultimate agenda for New Gotham. The situation intensifies as it is soon revealed that the Crawler is actually Darkstrike’s alter ego."