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Lady Shiva
This episode was orignally titled "Smackdown," but later changed to it's current title, "Lady Shiva."

This episode was orignally in position of episode 4, but changed to episode 9. Dialouge and other things were changed to continue with the storyline.

Here's how The WB described the "Lady Shiva" episode:

"Helena is thrilled when her best friend from high school, Sandra (guest-star Sung Hi Lee) returns to New Gotham, but the Birds are troubled by a series of murders with the unmistakable mark of Batgirl's nemesis, Lady Shiva. Determined to fight Lady Shiva as an equal, Barbara dusts off her Batgirl costume and experiments with technology that allows her to leave the wheelchair."

John Kretchmer directed the episode, with story by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and teleplay by Adam Armus and Kay Foster.

Another description states the following:

"One of Helena’s old school friends returns to Gotham mysteriously at the same time as a series of murders takes place. At the location of each crime is the symbol of Lady Shiva, a criminal Oracle had accidentally killed as Batgirl. Determined to stop Shiva before more innocents died, Barbara experiments with technology which will allow her to confront Shiva once and for all."

From ComicsContinuum:

Korean actress/model Sung Hi Lee played Lady Shiva in this episode of Birds of Prey.

Lee, 32, has guest-starred on numerous television series, including Nikki, V.I.P, Queen of Swords and Black Scorpion.