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Nature of the Beast
An episode of Birds of Prey, guest-starring Mitch Pileggi from The X-Files, aired on The WB on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

The episode is titled "Nature of the Beast." Here's the network's description:

"When a hit is put on the life of legendary mob boss, Al Hawk (Pileggi), the only person he trusts to protect him is his son, Detective Reese Reese turns to Helena for help, but when she learns that Reese's father is the same man who killed Dinah's mother, Black Canary, her loyalties are tested."

Another description states the following:

"When Al Hawke, the Gangster responsible for the death of Dinahís mother, agrees to testify against organised crime in New Gotham in exchange for entering witness protection, the Birds must work to defend Hawke to ensure his rivals donít seize the opportunity to finish him off. Meanwhile, Reese reveals to Helena that Al Hawke is actually his father. Things take a turn for the worse when Dinah realises that she now has the opportunity to take revenge for her mothers death."

"Nature of the Beast" was directed by Shawn Levy and written by Melissa Rosenberg. The episode was the ninth of 13 for the series, which was canceled by The WB.