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The following pieces of information come from various issues of Comics Continuum.

The WB is canceling the Birds of Prey television series, according to a story from The Hollywood Reporter.

Citing unnamed sources, The Hollywood Reporter's story said the plug was pulled on the show on Monday. Network representatives, who wouldn't confirm online reports of a pick-up last week, weren't immediately available for comment.

The WB had an initial 13-episode commitment for Birds of Prey, which started strongly in the ratings but has sagged in recent weeks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there was also a "behind-the-scenes shuffle among the creative team."

Production on the "Nature of the Beast" episode of Birds of Prey was taking place this week, with "Gladiatrix" next in line.

According to a source, no scripts have been readied beyond "Gladiatrix."

DC Comics, which continues to publish an ongoing Birds of Prey comic, also recently announced a special new comic to tie in with the show, similar to its Smallville comic.

Added an article in which Shemar Moore discusses the show.

The following pieces of information come from various issues of Comics Continuum.

Dina Meyer, who plays Barbara Gordon/Oracle in the show, appeared on CBS' The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Tuesday to promote the premiere.

Meyer described her character's transformation from Batgirl to Oracle.

"I redefine myself as Oracle," Meyer said. "I don't know if anybody knows the Birds of Prey comics, which are actually kind of cool. Oracle is basically this master of cybernetics, and, for the sake of the show, weaponry as well. And she is the center, the brains, of a crime-fighting trio in New Gotham.
Sarah Brown, formerly of General Hospital and V.R. Troopers, will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of The WB's Birds of Prey.
Lori Loughlin will guest-star as the Black Canary in the "Sins of the Mother" episode of Birds of Prey.

Loughlin, 38, plays Dinah's mother in the episode, which hasn't officially been scheduled yet by The WB.

Loughlin is best known for her eight-year stint on Full House, where she played Becky.

Sources told The Continuum that Loughlin is a "dead ringer" for the character and that she will be using her Canary Cry in the episode.

Read the WB's description of the show.
         The following pieces of information come from this Prevue magazine article.
The WB has committed to 13 episodes of the series.  If everything goes well, the remaining 9 episodes will be picked up.
Apparently the character of Dinah is not the Black Canary, but she is a meta-human.

The following pieces of information come from various issues of Comics Continuum.

The cast and executive producers of the upcoming Birds of Prey television series met with the press over the weekend at The WB's 2002 TCA Press Tour.  Click here for an edited transcript of the question-and-answer session as provided by Comics Contimuum.
Although she was part of the pilot, Sherilyn Fenn won't be playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming Birds of Prey television series.
Fenn's part in the pilot will be re-shot with another actress. With production targeted to start in about two weeks, it is expected that the new actress will be named within 10 days.
The re-casting is basically because Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley) will be a major character in the show's first season, and Fenn couldn't commit to such a recurring role.
Fenn's involvement in the pilot were scenes with Helena Kyle in a psychiatrist role, and then at the end pilot revealing more of her true intentions.
This is the second DC show to have an actress replaced from pilot to series. Cynthia Ettinger originally played Martha Kent in the Smallville pilot, but was replaced by Annette O'Toole for the series. Ettinger's scenes in the original pilot were re-shot with O'Toole.
Birds star Scott turns 25 on Saturday, July 20, 2002..
Stuntman Roger Stoneburner played The Joker in The WB's Birds of Prey pilot.
Alex Daniels, who was the Batman stuntman in Batman and Robin and the OnStar commercials, did the stunts as Batman in Birds of Prey.
Birds of Prey will air on Wednesday nights beginning this fall.
The Clocktower set is being revamped from the pilot. Currently in the works, it will be lighter in tone than it was in the pilot.
One of the sets is New Gotham High, where Barbara Gordon is a teacher. A scene involving Barbara exercising was cut from the pilot, but might end up in the final version that actually airs on television. In addition to hallways and lockers, there is a small gymnasium.
The same actor who plays Batman in the OnStar commercials appears as the character in The WB's Birds of Prey pilot.  Batman, played by Bruce Thomas, appears very briefly in the pilot. He and Batgirl go after the Joker and he lunges after him, surrounded by fire.
Production on The WB's Birds of Prey television series is expected to begin around the end of July.
Unlike The WB's other DC Comics-based show Smallville, which is filmed in Vancouver, Birds of Prey will be filmed in California.
The Clocktower set is housed on the same stage used for Batman movies.
Mark Hamill will remain as the voice of The Joker.
Barbara Gordon will appear as Batgirl beyond the "Pilot" episode.